Awards and Comments:


Jan. 2011

Achievement Award,  Daytona Beach Art League - “Banana Tree Blooms” Dr. Wilton found this to be a visually exciting piece that takes full advantage of innovative directions in technology. He was especially drawn to the high chroma color against the black background. Dr. Wilton also noted the duality of the traditional still life realized using modern processes.

Aug. 2011

Honorable Mention, Flagler County Art League – “Southern Beauty”

Sept. 2011

Merit Award, Daytona Beach Art League – “Floral Splendor”

“What interested me and what caught my attention were the technique and the brilliant colors. The mounting of the photo coming out from the wall also adds interest and draws the viewer into the depth of the garden as though one were experiencing the smell and touch of the flowers. The presentation was excellent.”

 Comment from Judge Rachel Stewart, a sculptor and professor who has taught at the Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, and the Art Center in St. Petersburg, Fl. She also works as an assistant curator at the Art Center.

Honorable Mention, Flagler County Art League – “Magnolia”

Oct. 2011

Honorable Mention, Flagler County Art League – “Bronze Blur”

Dec. 2011

1st Place, Flagler County Art League – “Banana Tree Blooms”

3rd Place, Flagler County Art League – “Feeling Groovy”

Feb. 2012

Mayor’s Choice Award, Flagler County Art League – “Princess Place Oak with Moss”

May 2012

2nd Place, Flagler County Art League – “Cross Country Action”

June 2012

Exhibitor at Flagler County Art League “Best of the Best” show




“Chris Weigl is an artist who takes imagery beyond technical proficiency propelling it into the world of fine art.”


Peter A. Cerreta, Palm Coast, Fl.

Sculptor - Painter - Teacher

Retired owner of

Armchair Fine Art Gallery,

Hawthorne, NY


“Chris’s photography is creative, unique, exciting. She ‘creates’ fantastic pieces of art with her eye for color and composition. Her photographs are ‘one of a kind’ that add to any room they are in. I love her artistic creations!”


Nancy Miller

Palm Coast, Fl.



“As a watercolorist and instructor for five years, I found myself drawn to Chris Weigl's artistic photography. She has a very unique approach and incorporates her skills as a landscaper, florist and artist in her work.  A viewer cannot just walk by her work, the color and composition compel one to stop and appreciate the moment. 

     The Flagler County Art League has had the pleasure of having Chris do a program for their membership. We also are offering a workshop featuring Chris December 3, 2011.   All photographers & painters are invited to attend.  To reserve your space go to:

Flaglercountyartleague .com”


Joan Mangano, Palm Coast, Fl.


“As a discriminating buyer of unusual art, Chris’s photography displays a uniqueness not seen in other works. Her use of different lenses, backgrounds and lighting, along with the unusual materials she is using to display her images - such as her spectacular award-winning metal prints - places her photography in a one-of-a kind category.”


Michelle Gold, art buyer and collector, Florida